RED SEA STAR - Eilat, Israel

The "RED SER STAR" is situated in the red sea on the cost of Eilat.
It is a tourist attraction which enable the visitors to experience the underwater world in it's fullness.
The architectural concept of the project is based upon two bodies one under the water and one above.
The upper body is hovering upon the calm water of the red sea.
The visitors enter the project through a long bridge into a theater ,experiencing a multi screen audio visual show, introducing the exciting underwater life.
With that experience in mind, the visitors are going down into a dream/reality of the underwater restaurant.
The lower body is like a sunken space-ship.
It is build in a shape of a cross, with pentagonal alcoves, where each table has its own window overlooking the sea life activities. "Sky light" of shining wave rays from the sun above the water, creates sparkling shadows and shapes.
On the way out the visitors are welcome to use the facilities of a diving club, just above sea level, and dive into the cool water to watch there friends eating, through the restaurant windows.

Interior design: Ayala Serfaty