Our philosophy

Human beings are the users of our creation, the built environment.
Therefore we design buildings in human scale, where people can feel "at home”.
Human beings are all together - body, mind and spirit. We design for the practicality of the body movements, 
the esthetic of the human mind and the spiritual aspects of our subconscious and feelings.
Nature is our home. We design "green building" which keep the balance between the built environment and the
natural surrounding, by using natural materials, recycling elements and natural energy sources.

Josef Kiriaty  - architect                                        

Studying:  Technion – Haifa, Israel               
       A.A London School of architecture                 
       R.I.B.A  Diploma.               
       Yokohama University, research

Practicing:  Yona Fridman – Paris              
        Tadao Ando  - Osaka               
        Yoshio Taniguchi – Tokyo               
        Yithak Yashar – Tel Aviv                
        Zarchi Architects – Tel Aviv

Own Practice since 1985
Worked in Japan, India, Greece Turkey and Israel

Books : Contemporary Israeli Architecture.
Many publications in deferent Magazines and News Papers.