It is a place where people from every religion, sect, race or sex can join together in there love and respect for GOD.
It is a place where no discrimination, separation or negation are in existence.
It is a place where people are united in silence.
The building itself is a manifestation of unity and harmony.      
The initial layout is a reflection of the visual representation of a drop of natural liquid in harmonic vibration, A MANDALA created by nature. 
Equally mirrored the image of the heart chakra divided to 12 elements:
12 arches, 12 tribes, the 12 zodiac signs and the 12 major religions.

All rises from the ground as the roots of the tree of life, joint together in a single point high above, as a source of light, as a holding junction, as a reflection of GOD.
Once entering the temple you are drawn towards the single point of light up above, spread into different rays of colors, as the white light is broken into the full spectrum of the colors. The distribution of a singular point of light, the prism of GOD.

Streams of water circling the temple, falling down from one pond to the other.
Prayers and statements glorifying  PEACE and the name of GOD from all scriptures,
are carved upon their parapets.
The structure is made of four elements: STONE-EARTH, WATER, COPPER-FIRE AND WOOD.
All gives you the atmosphere of being in the prayer house of GOD FOR ALL.